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BodyTraceFit Core Trainer

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BTF Core Trainer is designed to give you that hour glass figure while contouring the body. You will instantly notice the visual appearance in slimming the waist, as will you feel the physical.

Working out with The BodyTraceFit Core Trainer will intensify your workout by unknowingly forcing you to practice abdominal bracing.

Abdominal bracing is the main technique used during core exercise training. It refers to the contraction of the abdominal muscles. To correctly brace, you should attempt to pull your navel back in toward your spine. This action primarily recruits transverse abdominals and erector spinae. Be careful not to hold your breath – you should be able to breathe freely while bracing.

This is good even for the non active being, it can be utilized as a temporary solution to relieving back pain and enhancement of correct core posture.

Sizes: This is a unisex Item, the waistline measurements are for both Men and Women. Use a tape measure to properly size your waist, starting at the navel and around.

XS: Fits up to 26 inch waist line

S: Fits up to 33 inch waist line

M: Fits up to 39 inch waist line

L: Fits up to 43 inch waist line

XL: Fits up to 46 inch waist line

XXL: Out of Stock

XXXL: Fits up to size 56 inch waist line

**The Velcro closure allows you to comfortably close the Core Trainer and/or loosen at any time needed hassle free.

**Always consult your physician if you any health concerns or are leery of rather this product will aid in causing irritation to your previous health conditions. ***

Proper Care Instructions:

  • Machine wash cold, gentle cycle.
  • Air dry/lay flat, do not place in dryer.
  • Do not bleach, or use fabric softener.


**All items purchased are final order, no exchanges or refunds available.**

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XS (up to 27 inch waist line), S (up to 35 inch waist line), M (up to 38 inch waist line), L (up to 41 inch waist line), XL (up to 44inch waist line), XXXL (up to size 56 inch waist line)


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