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Meet Tracey

Tracey is a professional trainer and fitness expert who teaches men, women and children how to maintain a healthy lifestyle. Tracey offers a variety of health and wellness services to help those who are motivated to make healthy living a lifestyle, hence, her motto MakeItALyfeStyle®

Becoming a fitness expert over the past 15 years involved training and certification from several prestigious organizations like the National Academy of Sports Medicine (NASM), Le Cordon Blue Culinary, and Lifetime Fitness. It also involved competing in bodybuilding competitions, and culminated with the opening her gym, BodyTraceFitness in 2013.

BodyTraceFit stands alone in the eyes of her clients and the fitness community who relish in her commitment to help others live a healthy lifestyle. She serves as a health consultant and facilitator for the Women’s Refreshing Conference and as a fitness and nutrition expert for the West Side Community House Sisterhood program, both in Cleveland, Ohio.

Tracey’s clients praise her for their results.

Traci is by far the best personal virtual trainer. Her videos challenge and keep me motivated! The exercises are very easy to follow  and include variations for all skill levels! I have become stronger, toned, and lost over 20 lbs. using her dvds at least 3x a week! The meal plan guidance and snack options have helped me surpass my plateau! I have become educated and now know how to snack healthy!  I can hardly wait for her next series of exercise DVDs!

-Natalie C.


Tracey, my trainer has blessed my life. I began my training with Tracey at a time when I didn’t like the person in the mirror. I was heavy at the time and I needed a push, she provided just that!!! She pushed my to change my lifestyle! One thing I love about her is I can see that she cares about her clients and pushes you to meet your goals. I’ve felt defeated because I haven’t met my goals, I have had my share of setbacks but Tracey continues to push me. I can call her with a question, she’ll answer my question with a rational which is very important to me. When I need recipes she provides them and they all have tasted great which is very important to continue my healthy eating.  Above all Tracey is doing God’s will for her life and because she’s operating in her calling she’s able to bless others.


Mayfield Hts

Tracey has been training me for 7 years right after I had my second child. There is never a dull moment with Tracey she changes my workouts each week. Her training has allowed me to compete in 5k running events. Thanks to her, I have been very successful in winning my races.  She motivates me to push myself to another level. Not only does she get me in top shape physically, she helps me balance my meals with her vast knowledge in nutrition. She has taught me how to eat clean and gives me suggestions on meal preparation.  Tracey is the funniest and most knowledgeable trainer!  I love my trainer and my 6 pack!!!

-Lucia J

Garfield Hts, OH

Tracey has been my personal trainer since September of 2014. I began training with Tracey after a health scare that caused me to be hospitalized for a week. Today, at the age of 43 and proud mother of two children, I am so joyful to say that I am stronger and healthier than I have ever been as an adult because of Tracey Brown. Because I trained with Tracey, I have made significant weight loss. Tracey has helped to build my self-confidence and make eating healthier meals combined with regular fitness training and exercise a lifestyle. Tracey is truly passionate about fitness and it shows during every session. She is genuinely concerned about the physical well-being of her clients and them achieving long-term health benefits. Her professionalism drives me to focus both during and outside of our training sessions. Tracey’s experience and approach to training motivates me to push beyond what I consider my limits.

-Latrice T


After looking at several Trainers around the city…. I said to myself I needed someone who had fire and passion in their soul! After great thought and evaluation, my heart lead me to Tracey!! When I started with her I was a size 26 women’s and now today I am fitting comfortably in a size 18, with much more work to do! She provided me with the basic but much needed necessities to make certain we got results. Her passion is undeniable, she lives by her motto “MakeItALyfeStyle”. Her tenacity and strong will flows to eachone of her clients…constantly reminding us, ITS A LIFESTYLE, and giving up is not an option! “It’s all in your mind”, she quotes “and you’re in control” … #LOVEMYTRAINER❤️

-Tammy G


Tracey pushes me to places I never thought I could go! Her passion for health and fitness is so pure. She builds me up mentally and physically! Love her!!!!!”


As a mother of 3, it’s been hard for me to fit working out in my schedule. Between my full-time job, football workouts, basketball, competitive dance, chasing around a one year old, pursuing my master’s degree, and working my side job, working out felt impossible. I got the opportunity to work out with Tracey when I went home to visit in March 2016. I enjoyed her class and went a few more times during my visit.

​I began to think how to continue this back home in Kansas City, MO. I couldn’t take Tracey with me, and believe me I asked. I purchased all six of her DVD’s and followed the 7-minute work out for a week 2-3 times a week. Plus, I included a daily workout for each DVD: Monday lower body and shoulder; Tuesday cardio and abs; Wednesday upper body; Thursday full body kettle bell; and Friday Tabata full body.

I started replacing two meals a day with green smoothies and drank a gallon of water a day, and just really monitor my food intake and controlled my portions. By July, I was feeling great and wore a two piece on my Miami trip, which was something I had not done in years.

Here it is January 2017, and I’m still doing my workout DVD regimen at least 5-6 days a week, drinking my smoothies and controlling my portions. I have lost about 15 pounds, gained muscle, and overall I feel good. Even though I have a lot of work that still needs to be done I do not know if I would have got this far without the BodyTraceFit DVD’s.


Kansas City

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