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Tracey M. Brown

I believe that whatever you put your mind to, you can make it happen.

As a personal trainer, fitness guru, and nutrition expert, I can help you overcome your struggle with food, turn exercise into a daily activity, and break out of a sedentary mindset.  My MakeItALyfeStyle® approach focuses on your whole mind, body, and spirit.

What People Say

At age 40 I sought out a personal trainer to get me active. I met Tracey and she became so much more. Tracey is not just a trainer she is an inspiration for life change. She trains by knowing you, caring for you. She makes you keep going.

- Colleen R.

Shaker Hts

Tracey will design a strategy that fits with any level of fitness-for any age. She lives her motto and brings that to my plan. She incorporates all aspects of lifestyle: diet, activity, spirituality and life lessons to our strategy. She takes no excuses.

- Helen S


As a trainer Tracey is knowledgeable, professional, determined to help you reach your goals and an educator. Tracey is also very passionate about not only working out to sculpt your body but to adapt a overall healthy lifestyle.

- Arlene


We have been waiting for you.